GTS’ World Class International Software 4.0 Business Development is Licensing two platforms to the global market.

Our international teams work intensely with our Partners to create & provide high value software 4.0 development to meet each country’s requirements.

Our technical and design teams behind our platforms constantly support our partners across the world.

Our product offering incorporates these on-trend design elements to increase the appeal of our products to meet our partner’s requirements. In this way we design, develop, and customize apps to fit the business models of each country.

GTS’ global technical support provides its partners with APP customization for both IOS and Android devices.

We aim to be a full technical service to our strategic partners so that content creation is a seamless process for celebrities.

We are licensing the following two platforms:

The Blocform Platform

Blocform (BF) is an electronic currency. This currency is like the Dollar, but it exists only in the digital world. This currency is similar to the Ethereum token ERC20 and Blocform (BF) running on an Ethereum blockchain.

The Topstars Platform

Global Topstars has created an app for the iPhone and Android smartphones that will deliver high quality, exclusive, short form video content to smartphone users around the world. The app will feature the biggest stars in the world with content that is well premised, well written, and well shot. Topstars will create value for its shareholders by delivering the following to the various constituencies we will serve (the order in which these are presented below is not meaningful. Each constituency is very important, and one of the key roles of Topstars is to balance the interests of all in a way that creates high satisfaction for each constituency.